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 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission 

We are proud to be the software engine powering TABC’s Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS). 

Alcohol Industry Management System – AIMS

Gov2biz powers TABC’s Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS). AIMS is a centralized hub for all of TABC’s regulatory functions including : public facing, licensee facing as well as internal operations.

AIMS is a single platform serving : licensing, protests, audits, enforcements, excise taxes, label approvals, complaints, public information as well as accounting.

The capabilities of Gov2biz allow TABC to replace several homegrown as well as COTS solutions, and provide better customer service and achieve operational efficiencies. Using Gov2biz enables TABC to focus on fulfilling its mission, rather than worrying about technology.

Key Statistics

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Key Features

  • Centralized hub for doing business with the agency including licensing, excise tax, labels, reporting etc.
  • Alerts, reminders, notifications for due dates, actions due.
  • Real time collaboration with the agency on open applications, amendment requests.
  • New permits, amendment requests, renewals all in one place.
  • Mobile compatible and device independent.
  • Eliminates need for paper forms, reports and filing.
  • Electronic payments for convenient and faster processing.
  • Account management, delegated access.

Licensing & Permitting Division

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Licensee Facing functions

  • User friendly online portal for new applications, subordinates, add-ons renewals and amendments.
  • Automatic fee calculation and online payments.
  • Needs Analysis – guidance to help choose the right license type.
  • Instant validation and file uploads, and auto save information and online signature.
  • Capability to respond to deficiencies, requests for information.
  • Automatic reminders, notifications, real time status updates.

Agency Facing functions

  • Realtime receipt of applications, documents, and updates.
  • Integrated business rules with decision support capabilities.
  • In-depth review capabilities for application data, documents, historical data, cross licensee relationships and agency level standing.
  • Powerful workflow with routing, history logging, time tracking, cross-department as well as applicant-agency collaboration etc.
  • Support for paper transactions and payments.

Excise Taxes and Label Registration

Licensee Facing functions

  • User friendly online portal for reporting excise tax for single or multiple licenses.
  • Current and tax arrears reporting.
  • Automatic reminders and notifications.
  • Convenient spreadsheet uploads as well as online data entry.
  • Granular tax dues calculations per alcohol tier, alcohol content, gallonage, volume etc. 
  • Automatic tax calculation, discounts, late fees, and online payments.
  • Robust error prevention and instant data validation.
  • Coming soon :  API based excise reporting.

Agency Facing functions

  • Completely automated reminders and notifications.
  • Auto approval of fully reconciled reports.
  • Realtime receipt of excise filings.
  • Cross licensee excise report data reconciliation.
  • Running tally of liquor movement.
  • Backoffice capabilities to track and manage “breaks”.
  • Powerful workflow for agency operations and intra agency collaboration.
  • Tracking of dues and credits on payments
  • Powerful reports for business units 

Label Registration / Product Registration

Licensee Facing functions

  • User friendly online portal for applying product label applications.
  • Automatic fee calculation and electronic payment.
  • Built in business rules to allow complete filing in a single go.
  • Capability to use TTB/COLA information
  • Support for alternating proprietorship and contract agreements.
  • Coming soon – Artificial Intelligence based label review.

Agency Facing functions

  • Instant receipt of registrations.
  • Real-time collaboration with licensee.
  • Powerful workflow with routing, history logging, time tracking, multi-department collaboration, applicant-agency collaboration etc.
  • Review, approval and rejection capabilities.
  • Powerful reporting.
  • Baked in business rules to ensure consistency of decision making.


Complete end to end enforcement capabilities including

  • Investigations
  • Inspections
  • Complaints processing, tip offs.
  • Evidence management
  • Arrests management
  • Persons of Interest
  • Case management
  • Reporting

Money Management

Backend accounting and money management capabilities including:
  • Credit card, ACH, checks and cash payments
  • Revenue objects coding and Uniform Standards coding
  • Electronic payment reconciliation
  • Paper transaction to fund matching
  • Suspense account
  • Chargeback and refund processing
  • Demand funds & write-offs
  • Powerful reporting