Complete Enforcement

All enforcement functions from complaints, to investigations, to legal. All in one place.

Complaints. Filing and Processing

With Gov2biz you can enable public to log complaints online. The complaints as well as all attachments are then available for you to process. You can close them, reject them, escalate them, investigate, all out of the box.

Conduct investigations

Whether it is a simple “knock and talk” or a multi day sting operation or a joint operation with another state or federal agency. One agent or a whole slew of them. Minor infraction or felony level crime, you can process everything through Gov2biz.  

One time Data entry

Focus on catching the bad guys, and not filling in paper work in different formats, one for every purpose. With Gov2biz, you fill in your notes one time, and you can investigation reports directly from them with a click of a button, rather than retyping everything.

Evidence Management

Gov2biz includes functions to log your evidences, whether you found a document, a gun, or an 18 wheeler. You can log and track all evidences, tag them with cases, release them process them, all out of the box. 

Search People

When it comes to enforcement, the same people tend to show up in several places. You can add these people’s names, demographics, aliases etc to Gov2biz, then search them for all future cases to derive patterns. 

Collect fines, penalties using online pay

Your officers can assess penalties and fines on Gov2biz, and your licensees can pay them online using Gov2biz. No cash to track, or lose, no errors, no making change or doing mind math. All payments are automatically applied, tracked and accounted. 

Teamwork Welcome.

Whether it is a team of enforcement officers on site, or a split team across multiple locations or collaboration between on-site and headquarters, it is all possible within Gov2biz. No need for phone calls, emails, collaborate right inside the inspection. 

Automatic Followups

Use Gov2biz’s automatic follow up features to create all the necessary mail correspondence or even to create automatic follow ups inspections for particularly bad inspection results. Free yourself from the overheads of coordinating a followup 

Take it to legal.

Take investigations results all the way to legal for the most egregious violations with the click of a button. Entire case history, activities, notes, results everything is packaged nicely for the legal department of your agency to take action, or to conduct a hearing. 

Any Device. No App Necessary

Your inspectors don’t need to download an app or install any program to use Gov2Biz. They can simply open a web browser, on their standard issue smartphones or tablets,  log on to Gov2Biz, and get down to business. They are always using the most current version and use their camera to take pictures for evidence, all inline.