Simplify your Work

Whether it’s new licenses, amendment requests, investigations, or complaints, requests pile up, and it’s easy to lose track. Gov2Biz can give you more control of your workflow, making your life easier and maximising your employees’ time.

Eliminate Time Wasters

Manual Application Time Wasters

Automated Gov2Biz Streamlining

Estimated Effort Savings

Missing information in the application

Requires all mandatory fields to be answered


Incorrect data in the application

Validations significantly reduce incorrect data entry


Inconsistent information in form

Asks only


Missing attachments, proofs

Requires all mandatory and contextually mandatory attachments to be provide


Incorrect fees calculated/paid

Auto calculates fees. Validates successful receipt of all online payments


Manual Processing Time Wasters

Automated Gov2Biz Streamlining

Estimated Effort Savings

Reminders and follow-ups

Automatic email and text reminders and follow-ups


Calls from customers asking for status

Emails and text status updates. Portal for self-service status check. 24×7


Looking for documents from the applicant

All documents are automatically attached to the application


Providing summaries from the applicant

All history, and actions are automatically logged, and easily viewable by collaborators and supervisor


Print and mail

Licenses can be printed by the licensees online


Streamline Your Agency’s Work

With Gov2Biz’s workflow capabilities, you can efficiently route work among employees and reassign tasks to accommodate employee time off and attrition. You can clearly see who is working on what, what they are doing and when they did it, as well as easily access a comprehensive work history.

Keep Employees Focused

Gov2Biz not only gives you the ability to assign specific tasks to people but also only shows your employees what they are supposed to be working on. They won’t have to sift through a bunch of material that isn’t for them; they’ll only see what they are tasked with, keeping them focused on their work. Since Gov2Biz automatically tracks every task from start to finish, it also knows when action is needed or work is due, and will automatically alert your employees when needed.

Move Work Between Departments

Seldom is any request that you ever receive processed by one department alone. At least two or more departments are involved in every “transaction” that your agency performs. It is during this inter-departmental hand-off that the ball often gets dropped.

With Gov2Biz, your employees in one department can pass work items to another department for processing. The recipient has access to all the relevant information so they can process it more efficiently.

Communicate with Licensees

With Gov2Biz every license filing deficiency is inherently connected to the license it is associated with. This means you don’t have to figure out which deficiency applies to which license; they will always stay together. Therefore, you can identify, communicate and process deficiencies quickly and efficiently. On top of that, Gov2Biz automatically does the follow-ups and reminders.