Experience SaaS

Free yourself up and focus on your mission, vision and goals, and leave the technology to us. Technology is simply a means to your goals, and not your goal.

Software as a Service - SaaS

Think of how you use electricity. You flip the switch, and the music comes on, you dance to it, hum along or just relax. You don’t need to know or understand, or even care about how the electricity got there, you don’t manage the power stations, the transformers, the power generators.  Why should software be any different? 

We architected Gov2biz to be just like electricity. You focus on your agency’s mission, your goals, your priorities, your licensees, your legislators, and don’t worry about servers, firewalls, databases, load balancers. You just groove to the music. 

All infrastructure included

All the server infrastructure that you will ever need is included in your Gov2biz subscription. You never have to buy, lease, manage, or maintain (or even hear about) another piece of hardware ever again. Coupled with the power of the cloud, you enjoy limitless scalability, flexibility and resilience.

No other software required

You can manage all the regulatory functions of your agency on Gov2biz. You don’t have to buy any other software and then make them talk to Gov2biz or vice versa. Gov2biz has all the functions you will ever need, and they are perfectly orchestrated. Now that must be music to your ears.

Pay for what you use

Gov2biz scales with your needs. You only ever pay for your employees who need to use login. We charge you absolutely nothing for your licensees. whether you have 10 licensees, or 10,000,0000. The more the merrier. So you can enjoy total control of your pricing. 

Monitoring and troubleshooting

As a part of your subscription, you get a team of people who constantly monitor the infrastructure and systems and troubleshooting them when necessary. They work around the clock, making sure you and your customers can take care of business at any time. We stay awake, so you don’t have to.   

Deliberate Evolution

As a SaaS product, continuous improvement is in the very DNA of Gov2biz. We are constantly working on improving it. Whether it is shaving off milliseconds off transactions, reducing clicks, providing brand new functions, we are constantly thinking of how to make your life better, and our competitors are simply left playing catchup.   

Results as a Service

We continuously work to innovate, evolve and comply with the everchanging technology and regulatory landscapes, and deploy these innovations for you. We take care of the servers, the infrastructure the compliance. You take care of your licensees (and yourself). This is Results-as-a Service.