Doing it ourselves

Implementations, maintenance & support. We work directly with you.

Doing it ourselves

Whether it is the project implementation or helpdesk support or post implementation maintenance, we work with you directly. We perform all services ourselves. No sub-contractors, no third parties. Its just us and You.

With the sub-contractor model we know we can make a lot more money, by doing a lot less. We can scale easily, become a "household name" with many more people saying our name. But we make the difficult choice to do it ourselves.

Open, direct Communication

We work with customers ourselves because it allows us to hear our customer's voice, feel the customer's pains, and be in the foxhole with them. We want you - our customers to have a direct line with us. You tell us what you like, and what you don't, what works and what doesn't. Not consultants. Not a third party "partner" who filters and translates everything you say. We want to hear from you.

Certainty of outcomes

This allows us to own the outcome of the process. If some project implementation struggles, we can fix it directly, it is up to us to directly. No hoops to jump through, no power struggles, no turf wars, no contractual monkey business. We want every implementation to be successful no matter how small, or large, and being implementers, we make that happen. We are not at the mercy of some third party, who operates from invoice to invoice.

Investing in the future

We deliberately rotate our product development and operations staff to our implementation teams. This allows them to really know what you the customer care about, what matters to you. This valuable exposure and experience allows them to make better product and support decisions for the project as well as the long term product roadmap, which in turn makes the product better both immediately and in the future.